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Things to keep in your wallet at all time | The essential 3

When you search for a new wallet you will come across many different variations of wallets available to purchase. It is important that before you commit and make the purchase you decide on a wallet that fits things to keep in your wallet.

If you are someone who likes to carry very little then there are wallets that cater for you, minimalist wallets will carry the bare minimum for you. If you are someone that likes to carry a lot of items then you should stick to the bifold or even trifold wallet.

Whichever wallet you do decided to go for make sure the wallet can fit in these 3 essential items that you should keep in your wallet. 

Credit cards

Your credit card is the backbone of your spending power. Once you have one, you’re able to spend more than you might even have in your account, this makes it more powerful than cash. That is why it is number one when it comes to things carried in your wallet, let’s take a look at why a credit card on you at all times is the best thing to keep in your wallet and can get you out of tough situations.

Rewards points

Reward points could be the reason why you even use a credit card over a debit card from buying your morning coffee to that big pay day purchase. Each purchase you make counts to more reward points and the faster you spend, the faster you build up and get to use these reward points.

The points can be anything from supermarket points for make your shopping bill that little bit cheaper each shop or to money off flights when you jet away on your holidays.

Credit Card
Credit Card – POS

Add positive information to your credit score

Credit cards are a great way for a company that doesn’t know, to trust you in seconds. A credit card company will do this by checking your credit score.

It is a pretty simple concept, you pay on credit, you pay the credit at a later date in time and you are seen as a trusted member of society by the credit card company and you can access more services like better loan & mortgage rates.

This is why paying for things with a credit card is a great way to build your credit score. Beware though, don’t pay the credit on time and there will be repercussions in the form of a bad credit score disabling you taking advantage of these benefits on offer and even owing them money as added interest.

Reduce the amount of cash you carry

Carrying cash can be a chore. There are bills that crumple, there are coins that jingle, you have to count and do math just to pay for things and make sure you get the correct change.

With a credit card there is nothing to worry about, pop your card into the merchant terminal, enter your pin, wait a few seconds and voila! It can also be great if you are making a large purchase because carrying large sums of money on you can lead to disaster if you are not careful, you could lose the cash or worse still a thief could take it off you and you would have no bank protection like you do with credit cards, more on that later.

Track purchases more accurately

Using cash to buy things might be good but other than receipts you will never be able to audit where that money actually went, did you really spend $30 on lunch the other week, how much was the shopping the past two weeks? You would not be able know if you just used cash for these purchases unless you tried to keep every receipt that you could get your hands on.

When you make a transaction with a credit card that entry is logged in the database and attached to your account so you can track your spending either through the post or online straight from your mobile, you can even export the data and use it in a budgeting spreadsheet like MINT or YNAB so you can be much more efficient in your spending and saving.

Card purchase protections

When you purchase a new item, you expect that item to be a new item, when you purchase a branded item you expect it to be genuine, when you purchase a service you expect to receive what you agreed upon.

Sometimes these can go wrong, terribly wrong (take booking airline tickets and the plane being cancelled or an item arriving from eBay in poor condition for example) You need to request a refund as you didn’t get what the seller said they would provide.

With cash you just have your word and hopefully a receipt if you didn’t throw it out in the trash. With a card you have stone cold facts the seller would be unable to dispute; therefore, paying with a credit card can be a great choice when it comes to large purchases.


Okay, so I gave a pretty comprehensive list of reasons why you should carry a credit card. Now it is time to understand why they say ‘Cash is king’. Before you go ditching your cash in place of plastic read the reasons why cash made the list of things to carry in your wallet when you leave home.

Dollar Bill
Dollar Bill

Small purchases

Cash is still king when it comes to the smaller purchases. Have you ever been in a hurry but stuck in a queue and the person in front of you is making a payment by card when you have the exact amount of cash, it is them times you want just say to the person in front just use cash!

If you’re passing a charity bucket it is highly unlikely that they would accept a card or cumbersome which brings me to my next point…

some companies don’t take credit cards; they accept only cash

Not every seller takes debit or credit card. With each transaction the merchant is changed a percentage of the transaction and this eats into their profit margins so they become cash only.

Another reason why a company would not accept credit cards is due to poor reception coverage, you need a signal for the transaction to be approved via a terminal and if there is no signal there is no transaction.

It can be embarrassing if you go to get your hair cut and when trying to settle the bill realize they only accept cash so having that cash to hand can be a life saver, make sure you don’t get caught out.

you’re limited to how much you can spend

Cash is a finite item, that means if you use it for any purchase you have less and less till it is completely gone. This can be a good thing if you’re bad at keeping track of your spending habits as once your cash has run out you can’t make any more purchases, and it hurts a lot more spending a brand spanking new $100 bill over swiping a credit card on a machine. An all-round great reason for carrying cash around with you.

You don’t have to worry about missing a monthly payment

Finally, if you only ever rely on credit cards then you are putting yourself at risk of getting hit by a penalty fine if you miss a payment on a credit card. What seems like an easy amount to settle up on could become a missed payment if you have unexpected payments to make during the month like a car breaking down. Keeping cash in your wallet lessens the risk of you using your credit card so you would not have this issue or worry.

Nobody can track you

In a world of surveillance we have the option to be found at any moment, we can have our timeline traced out using technology, debit/credit cards assist that process.

If you value your privacy then you can cut that connection and pay for items in cash, cash cannot be traced, not even once. So next time you want to make sure you’re under the radar, opt for cash. You’ll be happy you chose it as one of the things to keep in your wallet.

ID card

Although some people like the autonomy that living in a democratic country brings it can’t be denied that keeping an ID card in your wallet has many benefits attached in today’s society…


The clue is in the title, an ID card will verify you are you to anyone who may require that information, for example selling alcohol to minors is illegal and comes with a hefty fine so it is no surprise that it is something that any outlet will do everything they can to avoid and their best defence, their only defence – asking for your ID.

If you keep it in your wallet, you’d have no issue quickly showing it to them when making the purchase.


It is a business’s discretion to accept you into their premise, whether it is a workplace or a nightclub or bar.

To minimize risk, they may ask you to provide ID to make sure you are who you are saying you are or can be traced if they need to contact you at a later date or just to verify your age, having your ID to hand can keep that great night going with your friends or get you into your place of work that little bit quicker.


Some states in the US require you to carry your driving license as ID and if you are pulled over by a patrol car and can’t present ID you could land a hefty fine. It is always best to carry your license that way if you get stopped by the police or must verify your age for anything you can just pull it out and quickly present it.

Bonus: Emergency contact details

This could be the easiest thing to carry in your pocket but also the most useful. It is free to make, you just write down a family member or a close friend contact details down on a bit of card, cut it down to credit card size and place it in your wallet.

Make sure the contact person you write down knows you have done this, so they don’t get an expected shock from a stranger calling them if your wallet goes missing.

Emergency truck

This way if you get hurt or into trouble and need medical attention there is a contact number for someone close to you that the medical team can contact.

Many people store this on their phones but there is a chance the medical staff may not be able to get to this information if you use a lock on your phone or have not set your emergency contact details up on, or your phone may be damaged.

Follow the steps below on how to add an emergency contact to your phone 



It would also be beneficial to place your mobile number on the card so anyone who finds your wallet they can return it to you if you lose it and suggest a reward if the wallet is returned with the owner to give anyone who potentially finds it an added incentive to return the wallet to you.

Let us hear your comments if you can think of things to keep in your wallet that are essential in your day to day life

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