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As technology continues to evolve daily, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends to protect yourself from theft, and RFID blocking is just one of them.

One of the popular new trends that thieves have caught onto is that many modern cards have RFID chips that are used to easily be scanned by merchants card machines when you want to make a purchase

learn below how to fight back with RFID blocking.

An RFID chip in your credit card is a pretty common thing to find, and many companies use them to help you make purchases by placing your card on a scanner instead of swiping it or putting it into a card reader.

If you have a card like this, you are at an increased risk of being targeted.

What is RFID?

RFID stands for radio-frequency identification.

This means that devices that are RFID-enabled can emit identifying material through radio waves.

When it comes to credit cards, RFID technology can allow a merchant to easily confirm payments on their system in seconds without calling your bank or confirming that you have the funds in your account.

Although RFID technology can clearly help eliminate time that might have been otherwise necessary in the past, thieves have also caught onto and have found ways to mine this data.

Using a mechanism similar to what a merchant with an RFID-reading device uses, they can also access the information from an account and possibly steal your money.

Watch this great video for further information on RFID blocking from ALL ABOUT ELECTRONICS

How can people steal money from my credit card?

Using technology that is similar to what merchants have for reading the data on the RFID chip on your credit card, thieves can also scan your credit card while it is in your pocket.

This means that you might not even be aware when a skilled thief is trying to take sensitive information from you.

Think about an RFID-scanning thief as being the same as the person who forces you to take money out of your wallet and give it to them.

The difference, in this case, is that you might not even know who the thief is, when they took your money, and where they took your money. This makes it very difficult to tell the police you were robbed.

When a thief has access to the sensitive information placed on your card’s RFID chip, they can soon begin to make purchases using the same sensitive information that merchants would use to authorize purchases within seconds.

What is RFID-blocking technology?

Since we have established that RFID credit cards are at an elevated risk of being compromised, it is important that you take steps to protect yourself.

Thankfully, the radio waves used to communicate with your credit card can easily be disrupted so that you can carry your credit card around with some peace of mind.

RFID-blocking technology works by simply eliminating the possibility of an RFID scanner communicating with your credit card.

Of course, it can easily be deactivated once you take your credit card out of your RFID-blocking wallet, cardholder, or similar device.

rfid blocking

Do I need RFID-blocking technology?

Not all credit cards are made in the same manner. Many have different security measures and authorization protocols, making it important to know first what type of credit card you are using.

A simple phone call to your bank or credit card company should be enough to know if you have an RFID-enabled credit card.

If you always have to swipe your card to process payments, it is possible that you don’t have an RFID card. In any case, it is important to understand that you do not need RFID-blocking technology if your credit card doesn’t emit RFID radio signals.

Without these signals, a hacker with an RFID scanner cannot steal your card’s sensitive information.

How much does RFID-blocking technology cost?

You might be surprised to learn that RFID-blocking technology is actually extremely affordable and within everybody’s budget.

For example, an affordable slim wallet with RFID-blocking technology can cost as little as $10-20 and instantly provide protection against malicious hackers with RFID scanners.

If you don’t want to purchase a new wallet, you can simply get cardholders for your credit cards which will block RFID readers from scanning your card without your permission.

Since RFID-blocking is so affordable, it is a great product for anybody who has had problems with RFID-scanning thieves in the past.

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What do I do if somebody steals my card information?

Part of making the decision to use RFID-blocking technology will depend on how quickly you can deal with a situation when a hacker with an RFID scanner actually steals your card’s information.

Depending on the efficiency of your bank’s fraud department, you might not be as concerned with RFID-blocking technology in the first place.

Rfid blocking

For instance, many banks are excellent at noticing suspicious activity on your card and are very proactive at calling you to make sure that you indeed authorized certain purchases.

If you have a bank that quickly notices suspicious activity on your card, you might need to simply wait for a new card when your RFID-enabled card is compromised.

However, if you have a bank which might not notice when your card information is stolen, it can be difficult to prove which purchases are yours, and which are not.

A situation like this can be hurtful to your bank account and personal sanity and can be avoided at all costs by just investing in an RFID blocker.

What is RFID blocking?

To put it simply, RFID blocking is when you use a device which disrupts the radio waves necessary for communicating with an RFID-enabled credit card.

Although it is nice to be able to scan your card when you want to make a purchase, understand that thieves can use their own scanners to communicate with your RFID-enabled credit card.

If you purchase a wallet or cardholder which has RFID-blocking technology, you can make sure that your money will stay on your card, and away from thieves.

In any case, make sure to call your card provider and make sure that you have an RFID-enabled card before deciding to purchase a wallet or cardholder with RFID-blocking technology.

Have you ever been a victim of RFID theft? If so let us know your experience below in the comments

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