How much cash should a man carry in his wallet | The definitive guide

Trying to answer how much cash should a man carry in his wallet is not an easy task, but with a bit of effort we have managed to put together a comprehensive guide on how much you should be carrying.

There is a solution that can help with how much cash should a man carry in his wallet. This article will be your go to guide to empowering you to make an informative choice.

All the points listed are the main things that should be considered when coming up with a figure that is right for your personal circumstances.

Before we begin – some have tried and presented calculations and formulas that they believe to show exactly how much you should carry on you.

Some swear by a set amount but these methods are too rigid for the 20th century man or woman.

There is no universal answer that works for everyone on this planet for how much cash you should carry in a wallet but after reading this you’ll know how much you need on you each day.

Your financial situation and spending habits

This is probably the most important thing you will have to think about, and it will take absolute honesty and, possibly have you facing some unpleasant truths on how to manage your money.

If your financial game is on point, more power to you and there is already a chance that you have a good idea of how much cash you should have in your wallet at any point in time.

how much cash should a man carry in his wallet

If not, this question might contribute to you being more aware and responsible when it comes to your finances, so a double win.

Do you find that you have impulses to spend cash that you have on your person then you need to ensure you only take out what is necessary on a daily basis otherwise you will blow your budget out of control.

What is your current financial situation? Do you find yourself in a lot of debt, or in a place where you are both saving and investing a lot?

What is your budget and are you sticking to it? And finally, how likely are you to spend on an impulse?

In the worst-case scenario where you have a lot of debt, a minuscule amount of disposable income and almost no impulse control, it would be best to not have too many funds readily available until your situation gets somewhat better.

Your daily schedule, lifestyle, and plans

One of the pieces of advice many women will get is to make sure that they have enough money for a cab home when they go out at night. This is crucial because it ensures they can at least get home as safely as possible.

It works for men as well as women – when you go out and about your day (or night) there are certain expenses that you will encounter like tipping for example. It can be common to tip around Fifteen to 25 percent of the total bill in the US.

So, if you’re a tipper you have to make sure you have cold hard cash on you, $20 split into smaller bills can go along way if you’re not doing anything extravagant during your week.

Take into consideration the very structure of your first – at how many places you can only use cash and where can you go plastic?

how much cash should a man carry in his wallet

Depending on where you live, there will be vendors that are not equipped with card readers and accept paper only.

Then, what does this day look like? Do you have to buy lunch, dinner, or go for a round of drinks after work with your friends or work colleagues? Are you just going to be out and about with no concrete plans? And, if you have a concrete idea of what your purchases might be, should you include a little bit of wiggle room just in case?

Preparation can be key to deciding how much cash should a man carry in his wallet.

Things that you can’t control

This mostly boils down to the cost of living and item pricing in the area where you live. In some parts of the country like New York, $50 does not mean much like a round of drinks, but in other parts, it can stretch by quite a bit giving you a bed for the night and 3 good meals for the day.

Learn to be aware of what’s appropriate in your geographical situation.

We like to ensure we look at all questions objectivity here and take both sides of the coin so to do that we’ll consider what the benefits and downsides of are having any sizeable amount of cash on you in terms of your surroundings. –

Argument for carrying a lot of cash in your wallet

If a store offers a significant discount with cash payments, go hit up the ATM. You can barging with some merchants to get great deals if you have cash as they sometimes like to deal in cash over credit cards.

If you didn’t know about this next time you make a large purchase ask if there is a cash discount option you will be surprised how many times they will say yes, especially if they are independent sellers.

Argument for NOT carrying a lot of cash in your wallet

If you live in a densely populated or are visiting a touristy area that has a lot of pickpocketing going on in the streets, it would be stupid to have anything more than you can afford to lose.

The money in your bank can be recovered, but the one that got stolen from your pocket is gone forever unless you have good personal insurance cover.

You can minimize the risk by purchasing travel insurance or personal insurance cover.

Most insurance policies cover the loss or theft of some cash, but only up to a certain limit and they come with stipulations if you want to claim

  • Some insurers won’t cover a cash theft that’s been left unattended, for example in a backpack, a vehicle or a hotel chest of drawers. It needs to be with you or locked in the hotel safe 
  • That includes baggage on planes or boats too. If it’s in the hold, it is not likely to be covered 
  • You will need to provide bank withdrawal slips or receipts
  • You will not be covered if you don’t report the theft or loss to the local police and get a crime reference number or written report


How much cash should a man carry in his wallet or a woman? – We just concluded there is no hard and fast number to how much cash you should be carrying in your wallet.

You must take in all the factors above like what you’ll be doing, your personality type, how safe you’re going to be with too much or too little cash, process that information and make and make the best decision for you!

Check out the 3 things that you should be carrying in your wallet each day to make sure you’re ready wherever you’re going!

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