Clean a leather wallet | The ultimate guide

One of the most common items that must be replaced from time to time is a leather wallet. Why is this you might wonder? Simple, because wallets get used extensively and people don’t know how to clean a leather wallet.

When it comes to investing in a wallet, it really is a good idea to consider paying a bit more in order to receive a quality item that will end up lasting you for longer periods of time, this is a great strategy to keeping it clean as you’ll want to get back your investment so you’ll be sure to take good care of it.

Wallets that are made from real leather, are some of the best wallets on the market, the durability and quality cannot be matched.

However, it goes without saying that even leather wallets need to get cleaned as it is not uncommon for wallets to get dirty, especially after general wear and tear.

If your wallet is dirty and does not look as good as when you first bought it, do not despair.

Today we will be discussing exactly how to clean a leather wallet correctly so it doesn’t lose it’s shape or go rock solid because you used the incorrect product on it.

How to clean a leather wallet the right way

Clear the contents of your wallet

Firstly you will need to empty out your wallet and remove everything from the wallet. This includes every single piece of paper. Take out your photos if you have any and ensure that there is nothing inside, including the hidden compartments that many men’s wallets have.

Closed For Cleaning

These items could get damaged or wet in the cleaning process; therefore you should not take any chances.

Take the extra time and effort to ensure that there is absolutely nothing inside your wallet before you start with the cleaning process.

Tap it gently upsidedown on a surface to dislodge any bits – crumbs and dust can build up over time and play a factor in your wallet looking like it’s next destination is the bin

Remove the dirt from the wallet

Gently blow through each note section of the wallet, you’ll need to close your eyes as you do this or you will run the risk of specks of dirt and dust flying into your eyes, the last thing you need.

Open each card pocket up and again, blow through starting at one end of the pocket and through to the other end, even if it looks like there is nothing there you might be surprised.

Another method would be to use a hoover. These are powerful machines and you need to be careful if you have a wallet you are particularly fond of, getting the nozzle stuck on a leather wallet can cause permanent damage or produce scratches that may not come out.

Pre-clean the wallet


The next step involves making use of anti-bacterial disinfectant wipes to wipe your wallet, put some pressure on it to get into the seems to remove any existing stains off it before we get down to business with the heavy-duty products.

You can buy wipes at almost any supermarket or discount store across the country, including online.  They are very economical in price and you can even purchase them in bulk if you wish to do so. Money is really dirty as it passes from person to person so using these are a great start.

Use leather cleaner on the wallet

Next, you will need to make use of some handy leather cleaner. Once again this can be purchased at any cleaning store, supermarket throughout the country, or online.

Proceed by pouring a fair amount of leather cleaner onto a new soft and clean cloth, and proceed to rub your wallet with it.

Take your time and be sure to scrub every area of the wallet, including all the cracks and folds that your wallet has to offer.

It is always a good idea to make use of a brand new cloth each time that you clean your wallet, they are dirt cheap and it ensures you’re not just wiping dirt around.

Conditioning the wallet

This is an important step in the cleaning process, if you miss this step the wallet will be ridged and totally inflexible, not what you want from something that you use daily so let us look at how to make use of a leather conditioner.

Leather conditioner can also be purchased at the same stores that sell the leather cleaner and online.

You can make use of the same cloth that you used previously with the leather cleaner as it should be clean.

All that will be required now is for you to apply some conditioner onto the cloth and be apply it to evenly to the wallet.

The conditioner is very helpful in being able to rejuvenate and help to improve the condition of the old leather.

Please do this carefully and thoroughly, ensuring that all areas of the wallet are properly conditioned.

Patience is key here, there isn’t much point getting to this part and rushing it.

Dry the wallet out

Next, you will need to ensure that the leather is completely dried out.

When you are cleaning and drying your leather wallet, make sure to air dry it, if you use unconventional heat methods like a radiator or microwave you may end up with chard remains!

Ensure that it is not damp at all once you have dried it out.

Now you can evaluate your progress and check to see if your wallet looks clean, dry, and new again.

If you think you’ve done a good job then can you start to replace all the cards, photos, money, and papers that you have.

Tips for cleaning your leather wallet

One of best ways to ensure that your wallet doesn’t get too dirty is to carry out preventative maintenance and clean out your wallet from time to time.

This simply means taking out the cards and money, shaking it, and ensuring that the cracks are cleaned out. You can even try to dust your wallet, every so often which will not take up too much of your time.

Tip 1

If you are on a tight budget, do not worry as you can actually make your own cleaner for leather at home.

This can be achieved by mixing

1 part white vinegarCheck price
2 parts neat’s foot oilCheck price

You can make use of a white lint-free cloth in order to apply the solution to the leather wallet by making use of a circular motion.

Tip 2


The other option which you have is to apply a shoe polish to your wallet. You can mix the shoe polish with basic olive oil, or beeswax to the wallet.

You could make use of an additional product such as chamois cloth in order to make it shine effective.

Make sure the shoe polish matches the color of the wallet or you could end up with a multicolored wallet! Also, tape up any logo on the wallet before you polish or you’ll stain the logo permanently.

Tip 3

You could even make use of saddle soap in order to clean your wallet effectively from time to time. You could make use of a leather conditioner in order to condition it.

If there are significant stains or spots on your leather wallet, please do not be alarmed, as you can get rid of these very simply and easily.

Tip 4

You could simply apply a waterless hand cleaner onto the spots and proceed to rub them in a circular motion with a clean and dry washcloth.

You might be surprised at how quickly and effectively this works on good quality leather.

Things to consider when cleaning your leather wallet

When it comes to cleaning your leather wallet it is very important to follow these steps in order and not missing any of them.

Not only will it help to keep your wallet clean and hygienic for your own hygiene purposes, but it will also help your wallet to last longer.

Simply cleaning your wallet off from time to time is going to really help to improve the longevity of the wallet.

When it comes to pure leather, you really do want to look after it. Applying a conditioner is a very important part of the cleaning process and this will help to preserve the leather, even just using the conditioner without the rest of the cleaning is better than nothing.

All these things are very important if you want your leather wallet to end up lasting you for many years to come.

So now you know how to clean a leather wallet. If you use anything else to clean your wallet let us know in the comments so we can check it out and add it to our list.

Now your wallet is all clean have you seen what you should be keeping in your wallet! You might be in for a surprise!

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