• Front pocket wallet

    Best Front Pocket Wallet For Men | The ultimate list for 2020

    When you find yourself in search of the most effective slim front pocket wallet for men you shouldn’t consider a traditional wallet and for good reason. Front pocket wallets are made for those who want a change from the day to day wallets we always see. They come in all shapes and sizes, some even in the shape of a pocket! Finding…

  • Slim Wallet
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    Best slim wallet for men | Top 2020 picks

    Can you feel your wallet digging into you each time you sit down or walk down the street? If so then it is time for a change, we’ve written this article to find the best slim wallet for men in a reasonable price range. Slim wallets are still number one when you are looking to de-clutter what you carry around…

  • Cleaning

    Clean a leather wallet | The ultimate guide

    One of the most common items that must be replaced from time to time is a leather wallet. Why is this you might wonder? Simple, because wallets get used extensively and people don’t know how to clean a leather wallet. When it comes to investing in a wallet, it really is a good idea to consider paying a bit more…

  • Suit Wallet

    Things to keep in your wallet at all time | The essential 3

    When you search for a new wallet you will come across many different variations of wallets available to purchase. It is important that before you commit and make the purchase you decide on a wallet that fits things to keep in your wallet. If you are someone who likes to carry very little then there are wallets that cater for you,…